In response to an unprecedented healthcare landscape due to COVID-19, Vocera was in a unique position to support front-line healthcare providers by supplying its newly launched Smartbadge product for hands-free communication in health system settings. As the pandemic intensified, the ability of the Smartbadge system to function under the personal protective equipment (PPE) worn by providers delivered a spike in demand for the product. Also, due to pandemic-related cancellations of in-person conferences that accounted for the majority of leads generated for new clients, active marketing support was needed to make up for lost opportunities.


To meet the surging demand and make up for lost conference-related marketing opportunities, Maricich Health provided conceptual and production support for a variety of videos, animations, visual graphics, collateral materials and other items / services as needed. This included developing the creative campaign of “Hands-Free Under PPE,” which achieved a 3x increase in digital campaign engagement. The catchy slogan also became widely used within the company, as well as by its CEO on quarterly earnings reports. Vocera was recently acquired by Stryker for $3 billion.

Increase in Digital Ad Click-Throughs and Engagement
$3 Billion
Exit to Stryker ― Helped Increase Sales & Valuation Before Acquisition
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