Maricich Health Announces Cultural Infusion, A Proprietary Approach to Multicultural Healthcare Marketing


Maricich Health, an integrated branding, advertising and marketing communications agency serving the healthcare industry, today announced a proprietary approach to healthcare marketing that effectively reaches multicultural and general market consumers – Cultural Infusion.℠

Cultural Infusion is an emerging best practice that takes into account cultural nuances, mindsets, social determinants and education levels to simultaneously reach general market and multicultural audiences in a complementary way. Maricich Health has brought together a unique team under one roof, with members specializing in brand strategy and creative development for general market, Hispanic, Asian, African-American, LGBTQ, and other audiences.

“Cultural Infusion leverages the realization that America is more diverse than ever before,” says David Maricich, president and COO. “The goal of our approach is to effectively reach the ‘New Americano,’ embracing their distinct ethnicities, cultures, and experiences.”

Maricich Health is ideally located in the cultural hotbed of Southern California. The team will be executing several high-profile branding and integrated marketing campaigns in 2018, leveraging the Cultural Infusion approach. Clients include hospitals, payers, medical groups, and others.

In 2017, Maricich Health was awarded the prestigious Silver Medical Marketing & Media (MM&M) Award for its L.A. Care Health Plan campaign, beating out several New York-based agencies in the category of multicultural marketing campaign. Its compelling, multifaceted campaign communicated the rich diversity of Los Angeles County and encouraged ‘Angelenos’, a common moniker for Los Angeles residents, to choose healthcare that is as multifaceted as their culture.

There is data to back up the Cultural Infusion approach: The United States is projected to be a “minority majority” by 2045. According to census data, 44 percent of millennials are part of a minority race or ethnic group, compared with only about 22 percent of Americans older than 65. In California, Hispanics are the largest ethnic group, comprising nearly 39 percent of the population.