The Healthcare Cost of a Shark Attack


This is a story close to our heart. Not only is it summertime, but many on the Maricich Health team enjoy weekend visits to the beach. The thought of coming eye to eye with a shark is one that sends shudders down most spines, and when it does happen on rare occasions, the survivors are usually interviewed and celebrated from their hospital beds on the local news, and then disappear into the news cycle.

However, the story of a recent great white shark attack victim recently re-emerged on Good Morning America and the victim, Leeanne Ericson, who was attacked near San Clemente, California (we’re headquartered nearby in Irvine, California), told the story from her point of view. The interview showed her significant stress over the cost of her medical bill, a slant to the story that we haven’t seen in the past. Perhaps it has to do with the emergence of GoFundMe as a way to reimburse expenses due to tragedy. Or maybe it was a timely angle due to the healthcare debate in Washington. In any case, we’re thankful to know that such amazing medical care is minutes away if we ever have an encounter with (knock on sand) the “man in the gray suit.”

See the “Good Morning America” video here.