Skylight™ by Maricich Health solves the problem of reporting silos and data fatigue to deliver a complete marketing performance story. The system shows dynamically how marketing, advertising and consumer experiences are impacting your organization’s bottom line and broader KPIs.

Skylight is powered by a proprietary engine that collects, cleans, blends and stores data, then serves it into an efficient stream for Tableau to render visualized reports. Skylight’s secret sauce is the power of real-time data and visualizations combined with insights provided by our marketing analysts to help find conversion correlations across all media activity and consumer engagement touchpoints. This includes your website, social media channels, call center and CRM platform.

The visual reports are a powerful tool that can be customized by our team based on the marketing performance story being told. These learnings are then translated into clear recommendations to help refine your organization’s marketing performance and take advantage of previously undiscovered opportunities.

Access to Skylight is available to you and your team through an easy customer interface, so you’ll have a real-time, marketing intelligence system at your fingertips. All the while, our data support team ensures a smooth and continuous data flow.

Skylight by Maricich Health will:

  • Transcend internal reporting silos
  • Eliminate data fatigue
  • Tell a complete marketing performance story
  • Show marketing’s impact of marketing to the bottom line
  • Show marketing’s contribution to KPIs for leadership