Clorox Healthcare



After years of using the same marketing approach, Clorox Healthcare faced the need to rejuvenate its brand presence within the highly competitive healthcare environmental disinfection market. Despite its established reputation, the existing campaigns had lost their novelty, making it imperative to innovate and introduce fresh creative strategies. Maricich Health was enlisted to spearhead this transformation, with the aim to not only refresh the brand’s image but also effectively communicate Clorox Healthcare’s core strengths and distinguish its offerings from those of competitors. The challenge was to develop a compelling narrative that would resonate in a crowded marketplace and reinvigorate interest in Clorox Healthcare’s product portfolio.


Maricich Health conducted a thorough discovery and analysis, including competitive reviews and stakeholder research, to develop a unique brand position and captivating message of “Protecting with Purpose.” This creative refresh not only redefined Clorox Healthcare’s position in the disinfection market but also showcased its commitment to safeguarding public health. By deploying an array of print and digital advertisements, the campaign reached its targeted audience effectively. Complemented by strategic social media content, it significantly elevated Clorox Healthcare’s visibility and differentiated its value proposition. The initiative not only reinforced Clorox Healthcare’s leadership in the industry but also marked a pivotal shift in how it communicates its core message of infection control and protection, ensuring its prominence in a highly competitive landscape.

+ Powerful Concept
Validated by IP & EVS Research
Internal Impact
Campaign Well Received Internally
Brand Equity
Communicates Strong Brand Message
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