Maricich Launches Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare ‘Healthy Driven’ Movement

‘Healthy Driven’ Brand Takes Off with Danica Patrick, Smoothie-Bikes and a Unique Approach to Marketing Healthcare

Irvine, CA— Maricich Healthcare Communications recently teamed up with Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare to strategize, develop and create an out-of-the-box approach to launching a new health system brand. This breakthrough movement went well beyond typical healthcare marketing campaigns: building stakeholder support at all levels, incorporating a world-class athlete as a spokesperson, hosting high-profile community events and embracing a mass-media rollout.

Located in the Chicago suburbs, Edward Hospital and Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare recently merged as one brand and contracted with Maricich Healthcare Communications to create a unified brand position and identity to promote their collective strengths. The newly merged health system was not only driven to do whatever necessary to improve the health of the communities the hospitals served, but it was also led by three dynamic, driven female CEOs. Noting this, Maricich developed the ‘Healthy Driven’ brand positioning platform for the organization. Maricich identified racecar driver Danica Patrick as a locally born celebrity who embraces healthy living, determination and has a strong interest in promoting the health of the community by being ‘Healthy Driven.’

The campaign began by building enthusiasm and support internally, with Maricich working alongside Edward-Elmhurst’s internal marketing team to develop brand ambassadors and an internal roll-out launch. ‘Healthy Driven’ was then taken to the community through a health-expo, themed launch event starring Danica Patrick and featuring pedal-powered smoothie bicycles , robotic demonstrations of the da Vinci® surgery system, and even a healthy hula hooping contest between Danica Patrick and Edward-Elmhurst’s CEO, Pam Davis.

A mass-media campaign had simultaneously launched. It included TV, radio, print, outdoor as well as a complete takeover of Chicago’s Union Station. Additionally, to engage consumers into taking the ‘Danica Patrick Healthy Driven Challenge,’ an interactive microsite ( was developed. Visitors to the microsite receive suggestions for better health and can even share photos of themselves and Danica Patrick on social media.

In all, it has been 2 months since the official campaign launch. Danica has been so engaged with the program, she agreed to donate $1 for each ‘Healthy Driven’ Challenge accepted on the site, up to $10,000 to Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare’s fund to fight childhood obesity in local communities. Moreover, feedback from staff, physicians and the community has been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, website visits have increased by over 1,000%. The Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare brand is now officially launched and off to the races.

To find out more about Maricich Healthcare Communications or to see additional samples of the ‘Healthy Driven’ Campaign, please visit the Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare microsite at or visit Maricich online at

Kate Jennings Leahy

Kate Jennings Leahy

Content Marketing & PR Director